Renewal Resources

Title English Spanish
Annual Stewardship Renewal Guide
Example Lay Witness Presentations
Example Pulpit Announcements
Homily 1 – Sample
Homily 2 – Sample
Homily 3 – Sample
Lay Witness Guide
Ministry Fair Do’s and Don’ts
Renewal Timetable
Stewardship Effort for Children
Stewardship Q and A’s
Tips for Running a Ministry Fair


Title English Spanish
Commission Letter – Sample
Example Bulletin Announcements
Example Prayers of the Faithful
First Year – Letter 1 Template
First Year – Letter 2 Template
First Year – Letter 3 Template
Non-Respondents Letter Template
Renewal Brochure/Pledge Card – MS Word Template
Renewal Year – Letter 1 Template
Renewal Year – Letter 2 Template
Telephone Follow-Up – Template
Thank You Letter – Sample
Treasure Pledge Card for Adults – MS Word Template
Treasure Pledge card for Youth – MS Word Template