Thank you for your inquiry on donating stock. Stock donations may be made for the benefit of a parish, school, Diocese of Charleston, Catholic Appeal of South Carolina, capital campaign or a ministry.

CLICK HERE: Stock and Mutual Fund Donation Letter of Intent (fillable PDF)

Stock Donation Procedure

The following information is needed to ensure proper awarding of the stock donation proceeds:

    1. The name of the stock
    2. The donor’s name and address
    3. The number of shares (whole numbers)

Please notify Kelsey Shooter, Diocese of Charleston, at 843-261-0468 or, or her mailing address is Diocese of Charleston, Finance Department, 901 Orange Grove Road, Charleston, SC 29407.

Your donation cannot be processed without this information.

The donor’s broker/investment bank should transfer the securities according to the following instructions:

DTC #2108 Comerica Bank Code 40
For further credit to: 1-105243.7
Catholic Community Foundation of South Carolina
FBO (Name of Parish/School/Diocese of Charleston/or Campaign)

Mutual Funds Donation Procedure

For a mutual fund donation, please contact the Asset Transfer Group at Comerica Bank at for details on how to complete the process for this particular donation.

The donor will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Diocese of Charleston after the stock or mutual funds donation is processed.

Please Note:

  • Comerica Bank cannot process fractional shares. Please specify the securities to be donated in whole numbers.
  • The Diocese is unable to accept physical stock certificates for donation.
  • If the securities are going to be transferred via Computershare, please contact Kelsey Shooter for additional instructions.