Welcome to the Diocese of Charleston, a territory full of history and heart that covers the entire state of South Carolina. The diocese was established on July 11, 1820, by His Holiness Pope Pius VII making it the seventh oldest Roman Catholic diocese in the United States.

The Diocese of Charleston encompasses all 32,020 square miles of South Carolina. When it was established in 1820, it covered all of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. We are now part of the Province of Atlanta, which is comprised of five dioceses within the tri-state region.

The total population of South Carolina exceeds 5.024 million, of which an estimated 10 percent are Catholic. We have 93 parishes, one quasi-parish, 20 missions, 33 diocesan schools (28 elementary and five high schools) and two private schools. Our clergy and religious sisters are a local and worldwide representation of the answer to the Baptismal call to minister, serve and evangelize.

Our patron saint is John the Baptist, and like that voice crying out in the wilderness, our laity have been called to share the message of salvation. Through God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we can be saved from meaninglessness, emptiness and despair to experience truth, meaning and hope.

On behalf of Bishop Jacques Fabre-Jeune, CS, the 14th bishop of the diocese, your brothers and sisters in Christ welcome you to our website with the hopes that you will become a part of this life-giving community. Sustained in the Holy Spirit, we pray that your hearts may be filled to join us in sharing the Good News (the Gospel) of Christ, Our Lord and Savior.