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Catholic Schools Mission Statement

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Charleston will provide meaningful, engaging learning experiences and faith formation. Our school communities will be steeped in Catholic culture, rooted in Gospel values, and centered on the Eucharist. We will welcome families of diverse backgrounds who seek Catholic education for their children. We will value all students, acknowledge their unique gifts, and empower them to mature academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

The Catholic community of South Carolina will identify, cultivate, and support visionary school leaders and effective teachers who embody the Catholic mission. We will enable our educators to innovate and collaborate within and across schools and parishes.

The entire Catholic community of the Diocese of Charleston will support Catholic school education as an essential ministry of the Catholic Church. Through its engagement, the community will enable schools to demonstrate excellence in all facets of operation: relevant and rigorous curriculum, differentiated instruction, accountability and efficiency at all levels, ongoing strategic planning, marketing, financial sustainability, adaptability to local needs, and responsible stewardship of resources and facilities.

Diocesan Curriculum

Curriculum Standards

Learn more about the high standards that we set for our schools so that your children receive the finest Catholic educaton.

Diocesan Curriculum
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Principal and Teacher Resources

Are you a principal, teacher, or staff member in a Catholic school in the state of South Carolina? Our resources for faculty and staff, including a Diocesan calendar of events for schools, are available on our SharePoint website. (A e-mail address is required for access.)

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