Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning Awareness Week July 21-27, 2024

By respecting the love-giving and life-giving nature of marriage, NFP enriches the bond between husband and wife.

  • NFP is based upon the couple’s own knowledge of their naturally occurring cyclic phases of fertility and infertility. No drugs, devices, or surgical procedures are used to avoid pregnancy.
  • Natural Family Planning is not contraception; it is true family planning.

NFP provides the couple with the means to freely express their reproductive potential.

  • It will assist those couples who are of normal fertility to achieve pregnancy, while being fully reliable as a means of avoiding pregnancy.
  • It will be of assistance to those couples who have experienced infertility in their attempts to achieve pregnancy.
  • Natural Family Planning can be learned and used at any stage of a woman’s reproductive life, breast feeding, premenopause, low fertility, or following the use of any contraceptive.

Fertility Appreciation is the foundation of Natural Family Planning. It is the ability of a couple to understand and respect their fertility. Many couples find that the love and respect each holds for the other grows as their understanding and appreciation of their fertility grow. They accept fertility as a normal and healthy process, a precious gift from God to be loved, respected, understood and wisely used.