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An Awesome Day of Website Updates!

  • Special thanks to Jessica Jenkins in Youth Ministry. Together, we worked on a new online form for applicants to the Diocesan Missionary Team (DMT). Look for it soon!
  • Thank you to Helena with Continuing Education for Priests. Great events (with updated info) coming your way this spring!
  • Thank you Cloyd Gaffney over in HR… we’re excited that new job postings will be sent to your inbox for approval.
February 15th, 2019|

9 Hours of Website Updates

Special thanks to everyone who helped us today!

Sister Kathy and Cathy Roche: Check out the new Buzz Reports! They are Buzzin’ around the world! 🐝

Brian Fahey and Melissa Mabry: The Office of Archives & Records Management is now on the Map!! Go and visit them! 🗺

Mary Corder: Go read the bios or watch a short video on our awesome Diocesan Missionary Team (DMT)! Become inspired by how they are helping the community! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

Betsy Isch: We updated some tweaks to the job section. Be on the look out for some new faces in Charleston!

Teaser: The Office of MultiMedia is building a password protected area where you can download a bunch of diocesan goodies. 🍩🍪

February 13th, 2019|

Employment Opportunity: Associate Director of Young Adult Ministry

We are seeking a dynamic, highly self-motivated leader to support and expand Catholic young adult ministry in the Diocese of Charleston. Will network and collaborate with parishes and other diocesan departments to inspire and create expansion. Develop, plan, and execute diocesan events such as retreats, leadership training, workshops, etc. Develop, plan, and execute mission trips and pilgrimages, both locally and overseas and organize fundraising. Speak at training and formation events. Create and oversee budget. Evangelize and build awareness of Catholic young adult ministry through social media.

February 11th, 2019|

Happy Feast Day, St. John Bosco!

Little things make a big difference! We recently fixed our diocesan logo here on the website for mobile devices (tablets and phones.) And for anyone with a retina screen, the logo looks even better!

January 31st, 2019|

Training Meeting

We hosted a training session on how to update the Diocese of Charleston website. We were thrilled with the outcome! Check out all who attended!

  • Kelsey Shooter
  • Terri Brisson
  • Joyce Kiernan
  • Cristene Diesso
  • Cathy Roche
  • Mary Corder
  • Sister Kathy Adamski
  • Stephanie McLellan
  • Lydia Doyle
  • Jamie Zbyrowski
  • Amanda Kepshire
  • Gustavo Valdez
January 9th, 2019|

New Updates to Youth and Young Adult Ministries

We have updated both the Youth and Young Adult ministries page!  Details below…

1) Catholic Youth, Stand Up for Life  – Youth Ministers, now you can order T-shirts for your group.


2) High School Young Men’s Retreat –  Updated brochure under “Download Event Flier, Event Information”


3) Youth Ministry Listings – Joan LaBone’s e-mail has been updated! We love you Joan!


4) Resources – We also added the revised parent permission form.


6) Young Adult Spring Retreat We added additional information to the event and added the link for more information. (We love you Lexie!) 


January 4th, 2019|

What isn’t new?

We have updated dozens of pages this week! Here’s a list of all that we can remember: 😂

Catholic Schools Office: Updated addresses for our lovely schools in the Coastal Region. Thank you Kim for the details!

Office of Youth Ministry:

  • Sweet new video for the SCDYC coming up in March!
  • For the Youth Ministry Listings, we updated all of the contacts to make it easier for visitors to know the names and email addresses of Directors of Youth Ministry.
  • Updated event images to show colorful photos for the upcoming events!
  • Thank you Mary Corder for the information! 👏

Office of Young Adult Ministry: Updated the contact list for the “Find My Young Adult Ministry” page with better links to email addresses. Tell all the young adults you know that the Catholic Church is alive!

Diaconate Office: Completed many minor updates for the deacons. Thank you Cristene!

Office of Ethnic Ministries: Updated the current Newsletter! Have you read the newsletter? You should! Don’t miss the  🎄 Christmas Special on TV. Thank you Rebecca for the info!

Office of Pastoral Formation: Sr. Kathleen and Cathy keep us busy. This office always has something new going on! Take a look.

Catechesis and Christian Initiation: Updated the Curriculum Standards.  For all you Catechetical Directors here in South Carolina, pour some coffee ☕️ and give it a read!  Thank you Michael!

Bishop: We almost forgot! We freshened up the decree section as well!

December 13th, 2018|

Website Updates for December 7th, 2018

Today we did quite a bit of work “under the hood” of the website.  We’re excited that the website is loading quicker than ever! Also, we’ve re-ordered our primary navigation so that it is easier to access Directories. 😇

December 7th, 2018|

Website Update to Kick-off December

We’re excited to share some updates to the website that will help more parish, school, and diocesan leaders. Here’s a quick list of updates from today:

Events: New event for Vocations for Sisters of St. Paul with new image a downloadable flier. All Events

Diaconate: Many updates for the 2019 year.

Youth Ministry:

Jr. High Young Ladies Retreat: “Lift Up”

21st Annual Diocesan Jr. High Rally

Bishop’s Pilgrimage for Youth and Families

High School Young Men’s Retreat

Child Youth Protection: Updated contact information 

Diocesan Directories:  Cleaned up some page layouts.

Office of Ethnic Ministries:  Updated email addresses

Young Adults!

Find My Young Adult Ministry

New Young Adult Advent Resource, Direct Download

Updated Evangelization Starter Kit, Direct Download

Careers: Updated jobs section

December 3rd, 2018|

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