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Welcome Employees of the Diocese!

Thank you for your service to the parish, schools, and ministries of the Diocese of Charleston! You may find it helpful to review our diocesan policies and procedures, and popular HR forms: direct deposit, tax form, and form name.

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Location Coordinators, Pastors, & School Principals

The Office of Human Resources of the Diocese of Charleston is a service department and supports effective employment practices throughout the diocese:

  • We promote and foster positive employee relations, good communications, high morale, teamwork, accountability, and efficiency in a work environment that recognizes multicultural diversity.

  • We facilitate dispute resolution and serve as a source of information by providing coaching, training and consultation in all areas of human resources, including information on employment law and regulatory agency requirements, to diocesan leadership, clergy, religious, and lay employees.

  • We develop and interpret human resources policies, procedures, forms, and materials for diocesan offices, parishes, and schools as well as administer employee benefits including workers comp, 403(b) retirement, and insurance plans.

  • We recruit, interview, and test applicants as well as hire and process new hire paperwork for all employees of diocesan administrative offices and Catholic Charities. New Employment Opportunities

  • We are committed to advancing the mission of the Catholic Church by providing support services in all facets of human resources throughout the diocese.