Step 1: Instructions

The form on this web page should be used in the manner discussed below to request Bishop Guglielmone’s Participation in Events. This scheduling method represents an effort to more efficiently manage requests for Bishop Guglielmone’s time. Any comments or suggestions for improvement should be sent to his assistant, Mary Corder, at

Before you submit any request it is recommended that you check Bishop Guglielmone’s Calendar to see if he already has a commitment for the date and time being requested. You should also check here to ensure that your request has been entered when you are informed that he has accepted your request.

Requests should be submitted by completing the attached on-line application. If possible, requests should be submitted during the two “open” months which are:

  1. March, for requesting events during the months of July through December in the same year, and,
  2. September, for requesting events during the months of January through June of the following year.
    Requests submitted in March and September (and those that are submitted early) will be filed for consideration beginning on April 1 and October 1, respectively. Thus, all requests for each period will be considered with fairness. It is recommended that requestors submit early in the month, and provide accurate contact information, in case clarification or additional information is required.

While most events will be scheduled using this method, Confirmations will not. Deans will compile a Confirmation scheduled for their deaneries and these commitments will have a higher priority.

It is realized that there will be emergent events from time to time. Requests for those should be submitted using the form below and they will receive due consideration. Late requests for non-emergent events will receive less consideration, so please plan accordingly.

To submit your request please complete the blocks below and submit.

This form should be used to request events to be added to Bishop Guglielmone’s Calendar. Requests submitted via mail, email or telephone will be handled as discussed above. (*indicates required information)