Our Mission

The Diocese of Charleston Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs Commission initiates and supports activities within our diocese for the promotion of full, visible unity among Christians and cooperation among religions.

Our Goals

  • Build on what is already in place: Continue to build upon the present activities of the office and commission for ecumenical and interreligious affairs including:
    • Parish Ecumenical Representatives and the Annual Training for PERs
    • Involvement in the S.C. Christian Action Council
    • Involvement in the Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic-United Methodist Covenant
    • Catholic-Jewish Dialogues
    • Involvement in Partners in Dialogue, an interreligious organization
  • Education: Provide increased opportunity for education in ecumenism and the values of inter-religious dialogue to the people of our diocese, with special emphasis on training for Parish Ecumenical Representatives (“PERs”).
  • Dialogue with Evangelicals: Develop avenues for increased dialogue with Evangelicals, especially Baptists, in South Carolina.
  • Communication: Develop and implement a communication plan in support of the office of ecumenism, the work of the commission, networking of PERs, and the education of the laity. This plan will include ongoing and regular dissemination of information via newspaper, newsletter, and/or other media.