About the Diocesan Missionary Team

The vision for the Diocesan Missionary Team (DMT) is to reach young people “on the ground” in their parishes and Catholic schools. The DMT will evangelize young people by offering them an opportunity to not only hear about the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, but to learn and understand the grace of the truth that will set them free. It is the vision of the DMT that once young people have experienced the transformational grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, they will hunger and thirst to go deeper in their own Catholic faith life.

Retreats will be segregated to 6th–8th grade and 9th-12th grade. Themes for retreats will consist of Confirmation, Evangelization (Who is Jesus?), Going Deeper in Your Faith (Why Catholic?), First Communion Retreat and Family Retreat.

Scheduling the DMT for 2019-2020 is now available. To schedule the DMT for a retreat or to receive more information about becoming a missionary, please contact Eleni Phelps in the Office of Youth Ministry at ephelps@charlestondiocese.org.

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Are you a Catholic young adult with a passion for the Lord and sharing your faith? You are not alone! Join the DMT and make a difference.

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Meet the DMT!

Meet Miguel

My name is Miguel Pereda. I was born in Houston, Texas, and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2001. I attended public schools in south Charlotte through high school attending both Weddington and Cuthbertson. After graduating, I attended Central Piedmont Community College in 2011. After CPCC, I received a job at a technology and marketing company known as Red Ventures. In December of 2017 Brianna Pavlish, a longtime friend and youth minister at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, asked me to volunteer as a core member for the parish. I began in January of 2018 working with the high schoolers of Our Lady of Grace and I soon fell in love with youth ministry. I chaperoned the trip to the Diocesan Youth Conference where I first met the DMT. As a prior member, Brianna suggested I take a closer look at the team and asked that I would apply. After much discernment and prayer I applied and attended a ‘Come and See’ where I got to join the team on a retreat and see them in action. A few weeks later I was offered a position on the team and I accepted.

Meet Cara

Hi everyone!  My name is Cara Lawley and I’m the women’s team leader for the Diocesan Missionary Team!  I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee, and graduated from the University of Tennessee with a double major in Communication Studies and Spanish.  (Go Vols!)  But my college experience was really transformed through participating in campus ministries at the Catholic Center on campus.  From retreats to Bible studies and discipleship programs, I was invited and challenged to grow in my faith as well as grow closer to so many other students.  When I started preparing for graduation and frantically applying for jobs, I still struggled trying to figure out what I wanted to do and what I was really good at doing.  But it all came back to ministry.  I saw the DMT application on a Catholic website, and I remember thinking that it was too good to be true.  To live in community, coordinate retreats, and serve with such an amazing group of people is a blessing, and now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  When we’re not on retreat or at our placements, I love long-distance running, reading Jane Austen, and watching “The West Wing.”

Meet Matt

My name is Matt Schramm, and I am a second year missionary on the DMT. I’m originally from Athens, GA, where I attended UGA and graduated with degrees in Philosophy and Religion. Throughout college, it had been my plan to graduate and enter seminary with the Episcopal Church. However, my senior year of college I came home to the Catholic faith, and I was received the Easter before I graduated. Having given up all my career plans to become Catholic, I reached out to some friends of mine who pointed me in the direction of the Diocese of Charleston’s website. From there, I discovered the DMT, and quickly applied. After a fulfilling year of service, I discerned that God was calling me to stay another year, and so I reached out to Deacon Jerry White, who invited me to stay on for my second term as a missionary.

Meet AnneDee

My name is AnneDee Edwards, and I am from Greenville, SC.  I discovered the DMT while attending the Diocesan Youth Conference my senior year of high school.  I was at the prayer wall asking God to give me a neon sign on what his will was for me after high school.  I pray for neon signs because sometimes I doubt, and I wanted the answer to be something I couldn’t miss.  I didn’t know if I wanted to go to college right away, or if I wanted to start working so I just gave it to him.  A few minutes later I found out about the DMT and knew right away that was exactly what God had planned for me.  I am currently on my second year of being a missionary, and I am very grateful that God called me to a job as amazing as this one.

Meet Molly

My name is Molly Andorfer, and I am from Greer, South Carolina. I joined the Diocesan Missionary Team in 2017, and I am overjoyed to be doing a second year on the team! I joined the team right after college. I have a degree in music education, but wasn’t sure if it was the right path for me. A friend of mine heard about this program and told me to apply, so I went ahead and applied and got accepted! This team combines my passions; working with youth and doing music since I lead praise and worship music for the team. I have enjoyed traveling the state of South Carolina over the past two years and meeting so many of South Carolina’s youth!

Meet Connor

My name is Connor Jones, and I am a Charleston native growing up right outside downtown Charleston in Mount Pleasant.  I recently graduated from Belmont Abbey College near Charlotte, North Carolina, in May 2018.  In the fall of my senior year, I volunteered at a retreat that the Diocesan Missionary Team led at a parish near Belmont Abbey.  I had never heard of the DMT before the retreat, but the idea of them intrigued me.  Then I saw them again that spring at the Diocesan Youth Conference for the Diocese of Charleston, and they were recruiting for the team the next year.  I was interested and attended another retreat they ran the next week to see if it could be a good fit for me.  Both sides believed it was a good fit and I accepted the job.  Throughout my time in college, I felt called to work in the Church long-term, but I was unsure in what capacity.  I accepted the job so I could see myself in different scenarios and learn more about myself to see where God could be calling me long-term.  I also wanted to experience community life, and the DMT certainly allows for that, as well.  So, if you are in a similar situation as me or just want to learn more about the Church, or yourself, the DMT could certainly be a good fit for you!

Meet Joslyn

My name is Joslyn Wiebelhaus and I am from the great state of Nebraska. I heard about the DMT during their first year when they made a visit to Life Teen Camp Covecrest where I was a missionary. At the time it seemed really cool, but not the thing for me at that time. God reopened that door of interest last year when one of my dear good friends was on the team and reached out to me. He said two simple things that led me to applying. He said everything I’ve wanted as a missionary is exactly what the DMT offers and with discerning you will never know unless you try, a.k.a. apply. Well, he was right. I applied, was offered a position, and gladly accepted. It was hands down one of the best decisions of my life. This mission is very special and it’s great to still see it come to life as we continue to do our best to build this program for future missionaries. I am a graduate of Benedictine College and a big lover of photography, horseback riding, and any time out in nature. It’s also a gift having the ocean in my backyard especially since Charleston was the first place I saw the ocean when I was 22 years old. And now, it’s a place I am very glad to call home.