The following Strategic Plan for Young Adult Ministry was inspired and directed by the guidelines set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Sons and Daughters of the Light: A Pastoral Plan for Ministry with Young Adults. The Strategic Plan was additionally shaped by the counsel of a Young Adult steering committee comprised of Young Adults representing the different regions of the Diocese. The committee included both single and married Young Adults.

The Strategic Plan (2012-2015) initiated by the former Associate Director of Young Adult Ministry, Valerie Soop, was the result of an assessment of the health of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Charleston carried out by the Associate Director of Young Adult Ministry from January through March, 2012.

The next phase of Development, Growth and Expansion (2015-2018) initiated by Associate Director of Young Adult Ministry, Rachel Neubauer, continues the mission of the Office of Young Adult Ministry set out by the Strategic Plan: Establishment and Expansion (2012-2015). The Strategic Plan: Development, Growth and Expansion addresses the state of Catholic Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Charleston and looks forward to the critical needs in ministering to Young

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2015-2018 Strategic Plan, Table of Contents

  • Preface to the Strategic Plan
  • Mission, Vision, Philosophy
  • Role of the Diocese
  • Challenges
  • Strategies

I. Diocesan Initiatives

  • Leadership Training
  • Diocesan Wide Young Adult Outreach
  • Local Outreach Initiatives
  • Lenten Days of Recollection
  • Retreats
  • Mission Trips
  • Pilgrimages
  • World Youth Day
  • Conferences / Workshops
  • Days of Service

II. Diocesan Relationship to Local Young Adult Groups

  • Types of Groups: Regional
  • Types of Groups : Parish
  • Key Elements to a Successful Young Adult Group
  • Deanery Coordinator
  • Diocese’s Role in Local Young Adult Groups
    • Establishment
    • Expansion
    • Maintenance

III. Collaboration with Other Departments

  • Youth Ministry
  • Campus Ministry
  • Vocations
  • Family Life
  • Catechesis and Christian Initiation
  • Hispanic Ministry
  • Catholic Charities

IV. Social Media Outreach

  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Website and Blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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