Your Finance Council

  • Scott A. CracraftFinancial Manager, FC Term Exp. 7/1/23
  • Terence J. ConwayCPA, FC Term Exp. 7/1/23
  • Jeffrey RehlingSales & Marketing Consultant, FC Term Exp. 4/3/23
  • Joseph J. KeenanReal Estate Developer, FC Term Exp. 9/15/23
  • Gustavo SuarezAttorney, FC Term Exp. 7/1/23
  • Perry K. WaringFinancial Manager, FC Term Exp. 8/27/23
  • Rev. Msgr. D. Anthony DrozeVG, Ex-Officio Member
  • Rev. Msgr. Richard D. HarrisVG, Ex-Officio Member

One of the many gifts our diocese receives is the time and talent of many dedicated parishioners who serve on various committees and advisory boards. As a growing diocese the need to expand our outreach to those served requires the expertise of more lay volunteers. Looking towards the future, we seek to expand the Diocese of Charleston’s Finance Council and establish new Administrative Committees to assist in the work before us. Along with this expansion will be a reconfiguration of how the Council works in an effort to broaden participation throughout the Diocese and utilize the vast pool of talent and expertise our parishioners have to offer.

We seek individuals with various backgrounds, including:

  • Investment
  • Accounting/Finance/Audit
  • Real Estate/Property Management/Property Development
  • Legal
  • Insurance (Health and Property/Casualty)
  • Human Resources
  • Stewardship & Development
  • Technology

Standing committees and ad hoc committees will be formed to meet the needs of our Diocese. For example, the Diocese has a long standing Investment Committee and has utilized the work of an ad hoc Real Estate Committee. It is apparent that standing committees dealing with the real estate and insurance needs of the Diocese should be formed. From the new members of the various Administrative Committees, and other appointed individuals, a Diocesan Finance Council will be formed. This group will be responsible for coordinating the work done by the Administrative Committees and advising the Bishop on matters required by Canon Law. Each member of the Diocesan Finance Council would serve a five year term, and be expected to attend approximately four scheduled meetings each year. Committee members would be asked to serve five years as well and should anticipate at least four meetings each year. (If you would like more information on the role of the Diocesan Finance Council, please note the links below.)

Meeting logistics, including physical location if any, will be determined by the committee members and may include telephonic, internet or other means of communication. While the Finance Council has historically met in Charleston, a rotation of meeting sites will be explored.

I thank you for your interest in serving on the Diocese Finance Council or one of the Administrative Committees. I look forward to learning how your talents and time can best be used to further the Kingdom of Heaven here in South Carolina through the attached application form.

Most Rev. Robert E. Guglielmone, Bishop of Charleston