It is important to note that some areas within the Diocese of Charleston are in greater need of deacons than others. Therefore, prior to moving to the diocese, the deacon should contact the Director of the Permanent Diaconate to discuss the relocation to South Carolina, and to find an appropriate location for the diaconal assignment.

Permanent Deacons moving into the Diocese of Charleston need to have the faculties of the diocese if they wish to be active in ministry, and may not serve on the altar or perform any diaconate functions until the letter of assignment has been received.


The following went into effect April 1, 2020:

  1. New Policy for Deacons transferring into the Diocese of Charleston: Permanent Deacons who move into the diocese and wish to minister within it, must obtain the required canonical faculties. The requirements remain the same for those seeking an assignment. However, any permanent deacon over the age of 70 will only be granted an assignment if the deacon can bring a strong ministry that is not currently offered at the parish. There is no possibility of incardination.
  2. New Policy for Deacons Seeking Incardination: After a period of no fewer than three years of ministering, should a deacon wish to seek incardination in the Diocese of Charleston, he must request a personal interview with the Director of Deacons. This applies only to those deacons who are 65 years of age or younger.

Required Documentation

The following documents are required to seek faculties in the Diocese of Charleston:

— Download and complete Application for Diaconal Assignment form (email to Director of the Permanent Diaconate:

— Letter of recommendation and certification of good standing from the director of the diaconate in your previous diocese

— Copies of your official documents, faculties received, etc

— Transcripts of the training you received, including grades and evaluations during formation

— Letter of recommendation and evaluation of your ministry from your previous pastor

— Letter from your bishop granting you permission to serve in the Diocese of Charleston

— Letter of approval from your wife (if applicable)

— Letter of acceptance from the pastor of the parish within the diocese where you wish to continue your ministry. Please note: A parish may not have more than 4 active deacons. In that case, an assignment will only be granted if the deacon can bring a strong ministry that is not currently offered at the parish

— Two letters of recommendation from members of the parish staff or fellow parishioners from the last parish served, or a work associate

— Completed background screening paper work (provided by the Office of the Permanent Diaconate)

— Completion of Safe Haven Training

Next Steps

  1. Once all these documents have been received, the Diaconate Office will schedule an appointment for you to meet with the Director of the Permanent Diaconate to discuss your ministry. At that time, the Deacon will also attend a workshop to review and discuss the Diaconate Policies in the Diocese of Charleston.
  2. After attendance of the workshop, the Deacon’s file will be presented to the Bishop with an appointment recommendation based on a parish needs, and the ministry in which the deacon will be active in at that parish.
  3. If approved, the Deacon will be granted a six month probationary assignment, with limited faculties.
  4. After the six months, the Deacon will meet with the Director of the Permanent Diaconate and the pastor/administrator to review the probationary period and to discuss a permanent assignment granting the Deacon full faculties in the Diocese of Charleston. If all are in agreement, the file and recommendation will be presented to the Bishop for approval of the assignment.