I. Requirements for inquirers

  1. Meet with you pastor to express your interest in the formation program
  2. A letter confirming commitment and financial support will need to be signed by the pastor
  3. Once this letter has been received, the inquirer should contact the Diaconate Office to begin the application process.
  4. Between the age of 30 and 55 at time of application
  5. Actively involved in parish ministry for a minimum of 3 years
  6. Catholic for 5 years or more
  7. A minimum of a High School diploma or GED
  8. In good standing with the church
  9. Bishop Guglielmone has set a limit of two applicants per parish (due to financial commitment)
  10. If the inquirer (and parish) meets these requirements, it is encouraged that the pastor, priest, or a member of the parish council meets with the inquirer who is interested in formation and then makes a decision as to whether or not this inquirer should apply

II. Scholastics, formation, and facilities

  1. Formation is a 5 ½ year program. This includes a nine month period of discernment as well as academic formation and practicums.
  2. Academic formation is done through Saint Leo University. All professors have doctorates in theology.
  3. The men in formation meet for class on the Third Saturday & Sunday of every month: Saturdays from 8:30am – 6:30pm (incl. Mass) and Sundays from 8:30am – 1:00pm. [Exception: December (2nd weekend, held in Charleston), and the Summer semester classes are 8:00am – 5:00pm, one Saturday a month (May-Aug)].
  4. Classes are held at Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church, Columbia, SC.
  5. We encourage the men in formation to shadow their pastors and priests in various ministerial duties (e.g. hospital visits, funerals, wakes, baptisms, weddings, etc)
  6. We encourage wives of the men in formation to attend classes at any time, but Bishop Guglielmone wishes that the wives attend at least four of the ten classes per year
  7. If a man in formation needs to take a leave of absence, he will be invited to rejoin formation with Saint Leo where they left off, with a different formation class.
  8. At the end of the school year, Deacon Andre sends each pastor the grades for his respective candidate(s)

III. Tuition

  1. The tuition for each man in formation is paid in three parts
    1. 1/3 is paid by the diocese
    2. 1/3 by the parish
    3. 1/3 by the man in formation
  2. Saint Leo limits 25 cohorts per class, however, if space is available we invite wives to also pursue a Master’s Degree along with their husband. Wives who choose to take classes for a degree will be responsible for paying full tuition, with a 10% Diocese discount (Currently $3100.00 per year).

IV. Cost

For 2020/2021: Candidates tuition for the year is as follows: Full tuition for the Master’s Program will be $1400.00 per year. Full tuition for the Undergraduate Program will be $950.00 per year. Payment is due upon receipt, or payments can be made following the below schedule:

Payment Due Date Undergraduate Graduate Spouse
9/10/2020 $325.00 $500.00 $1050.00
1/10/2021 $325.00 $450.00 $1050.00
4/30/2021 $300.00 $450.00 $1000.00

V. Ongoing Evaluations

  1. A yearly evaluation will be conducted by each candidate’s pastor, Deacon Andre Guillet, and members of the Diaconate Board
  2. This evaluation will decide whether or not they will continue, or be guided into a year of discernment
  3. Grades, participation, and involvement in their parish will be the determining factors for the evaluation