Through the Office of Child and Youth Protection Service, the Diocese of Charleston requires a mandatory educational programming (“Safe Environment Training”) and resources to create and maintain safe environments, along with training on methods of preventing, recognizing, responding to, and the reporting of sexual misconduct or abuse of minors or vulnerable adults.

The Safe Environment program includes but is not limited to the following components:

  • Prevention education for adults and minors
  • Review of the Policy Code of Conduct and Ministerial Standards
  • Increasing awareness of and ensuring and enforcing compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People
  • Creating awareness of and compliance with the Code of Conduct at all levels of the diocese
  • Maintenance at the local level of necessary documentation verifying that all church personnel serving in a parish, school, or other diocesan agency have participated in safe environment training, have been background screened for suitability and are currently approved to have regular access to children and/or vulnerable adults
  • Education on how to report allegations
  • The laws and policies regarding the reporting of the abuse of minors

Who is mandated to complete Prevention Education (Safe Haven) Training?

  • All Clergy
  • All Temporarily-assigned and visiting international priests
  • All Seminarians
  • All Religious
  • All Employees
  • All Teachers
  • All Volunteers (with access to minors and/or vulnerable adults)

Prevention Education (Safe Haven) training is mandatory and a Certificate of Completion must be presented to and kept on file at an individual’s place of work or volunteering.

The Diocese of Charleston will not employ or accept as church personnel anyone who refuses or fails to complete Prevention Education (Safe Haven) Training on the creation of safe environments and prevention of the sexual abuse of minors and/or vulnerable adults.

All church personnel are subject to re-certification of Prevention Education Training every 5 years.

Safe Haven Training Instructions Flyer for Minors

Safe Haven Training instructions Flyer for Adults

Safe Haven Instrucciones de entrenamiento Folleto para adultos

Refugio Seguro Instrucciones

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