In an effort to ensure the safety of minors and vulnerable adults in the care of the Diocese, background screenings will be conducted for all church personnel.

Church personnel is defined by the Diocese’s policy as:

  • All clergy
  • Religious sisters and brothers
  • Seminarians
  • All employees and volunteers who have access to minors or vulnerable adults while serving in organizations and/or programs sponsored by or endorsed by local parishes and/or schools.

The Office of Child and Youth Protection oversees the implementation, management, and processing of all forms necessary to conduct the appropriate background screening investigations.

Background screening will consist of:

  • A criminal history record check, national or international as indicated
  • A check with the United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Driver’s history check if part of job responsibility includes driving on behalf of the parish or school and/or involves transporting minors or vulnerable adults not related to the driver for parish or school functions
  • Credit Check for all those responsible for handling money or making financial decisions – this includes ushers, counters, members of parish finance councils, and those who collect or manage money on behalf of schools and school athletic organizations/functions

Background Screenings are completed every 5 years.


  • Can I still volunteer if I have been convicted of a crime?
    • YES.
    • If the background screening indicates a concern as to suitability, the applicant will be notified and be provided with a copy of the report(s), and a copy of a summary of the individual’s rights under the fair Credit Reporting Act. An adverse letter will also be sent with directions allowing the applicant to affirm, refute, and/or explain the data in the report, which must be written and postmarked within 5 working days of receipt of the letter.
  • Who reviews the background screening results?
    • The Office of Child and Youth Protection reviews the results and if no adverse action is needed will deem the applicant suitable for the position.
    • If more action is needed, an adverse letter will be sent to the applicant and the Background Screening Review Committee will determine the suitability of the applicant for the position.
    • Only the Office of Child and Youth Protection and the Background Screening Review Committee views the data from the report(s). Reports will not be distributed to parishes, school, diocesan offices, or other institutions except as agreed in the screening information submitted by the individual.

International Priests
The Office of Child and Youth Protection will complete an international background screening and require a letter of suitability. An International priest must complete all of the Diocese’s requirements per the policy. (Please contact Priest Personnel for more information)

Visiting Priests
A visiting priest (funerals, weddings, baptisms) must provide a letter of good standing from their Bishop. (Please contact Priest Personnel for more information)

All information obtained from the background screening will remain confidential and will be retained in a secured location by the Office of Child and Youth Protection.