Opportunities for elementary religious education are offered in our parishes and schools located throughout the state of South Carolina.  Parishes and schools in South Carolina follow the diocesan curriculum standards and use textbooks approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops because they are consistent with the teachings in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  The current USCCB conformity list can be found here.  Religious education programs for the pre-kindergarten student through eighth grade vary according to the structure and timetable allotted to the program.

No matter the context and structure utilized, formal catechesis always supplements the catechesis that takes place at home.  In other words, we assist parents and caregivers in their task of catechizing their children, not the other way around.  At our parishes and schools, we offer a vast richness of models and approaches to catechesis, but in all cases, the role of parents and caregivers is indispensable.  Occasionally, parents wish to completely home school their children for religious education. This is, of course, permitted in the diocese and is be done under the guidance and approval of the parish’s pastor or administrator and the director or coordinator of religious education. It is diocesan policy that children and youth receiving their religious education completely at home participate in the sacramental preparation programs offered in their parishes with other religious education and Catholic school students.  Please consult your local parish for more details.

Religious education is offered at some sites in languages other than English.  Please consult you local parish for more information.  Additionally, children with various special needs are incorporated into regular religious education programs as possible. Please consult your local parish to discuss and arrange accommodations.