Registration Opens June 22.

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Keynote Addresses:

  • Say the Word: Stories that Heal
  • Julianne Stanz ∙ Jose “Pepe” Alonso ∙ Peter Le ∙ Danielle Brown

Featured Speakers:

  • Start with Jesus: We the Missionary People, Julianne Stanz, Loyola Press
  • Why YM? Evangelizing to Disaffiliated Teens, Mark Hart, Lifeteen
  • Parents, It’s YOU – the Catechist, Joe Paprocki, Loyola Press
  • Enjoying the Mass – 10 Pathways to Better Celebrations, Fr. Ronald Nuzzi, Notre Dame
  • The Impact/Implications of Bible in a Year Podcast, Fr. Mike Schmitz
  • El nuevo Directorio para la Catequesis: Un llamado a compartir la fe con espíritu renovado, alegre y misionero, Dr. Hoffsman Ospino, Boston College
  • Live not by Lies: Evangelizing in a New Era, Deacon Steve Mitchell, Acts XXIX
  • Faith, Reason & Science, Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., Magis Center of Reason and Faith