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Catechesis is the task of passing on the faith.  It is an essential part of the evangelizing mission of the Church.  The Office of Catechesis and Christian Initiation provides oversight of the catechesis of persons of all ages within the Diocese of Charleston.  Additionally, the office provides formation and support for those engaged in this vital ministry.

Got A Minute Daily Reflections

Got A Minute?

Dr. Michael Martocchio, Director of the Office of Catechesis and Christian Initiation, offers 1-minute reflections on the daily readings.
Got A Minute Daily Reflections

12 Week Virtual Study on the NEW Directory of Catechesis

This FREE virtual study is open to all parish catechetical leaders (including DREs, YMs, RCIA Directors, Evangelization Directors, Adult Faith Formation Directors, etc.), clergy, parents, volunteer catechists and team members, and anyone who is interested in knowing more about catechesis. Copies of the Directory for Catechesis can be purchased online from the USCCB. Make sure to read the corresponding chapter before each session! Sessions will contain a brief overview of the content followed by a group discussion on major themes, essential points, and topics of interest.


Offered Mondays from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Beginning September 21

To register for sessions, email Cathy@charlestondiocese.org. 

September 21:  Introduction & Chapter 1 Revelation and Its Transmission

September 28:  Chapter 2 The Identity of Catechesis

October 5:  Chapter 3 The Catechist

October 12:  Chapter 4 The Formation of Catechists

October 19:  Chapter 5 The Pedagogy of the Faith

October 26:  Chapter 6 The Catechism of the Catholic Church

November 2:  Chapter 7 Methodology in Catechesis

November 9:  Chapter 8 Catechesis in the Lives of Persons

November 16:  Chapter 9 The Christian Community as Participants in Catechesis

November 30:  Chapter 10  Catechesis in the Face of Contemporary Cultural Scenarios

December 7:  Chapter 11 Catechesis at the Service of the Inculturation of the Faith

December 14:  Chapter 12 The Organisms at the Service of Catechesis and Conclusion

Catechist Formation Webinars in the Diocese of Charleston

Webinars for Catechist Certification

The Diocese of Charleston offers free webinars for catechist formation. These webinars cover a a range of topics that fall under the requirements for catechist certification in the Diocese of Charleston. These webinars are FREE of charge, but registration is required for access. To register contact Mrs. Cathy Roche in the Office of Catechesis and Christian Initiation at (843) 261-0504 or cathy@charlestondiocese.org.


Webinars for Catechist Formation

Check out our schedule of upcoming live webinars.  Are you unable to attend a live webinar? You can watch webinars from our archives.