We are here to help you manage the process to obtain approval for your project – from developing the concept through funding through working with the contractor..  We are thrilled to be of service as you pursue the needs and ideas of your parish to ensure the project is timely, efficient and successful.

Kelly Bruce, Office of Planning and Operations

At any given time in the Diocese of Charleston, approximately one-fourth of all parishes and schools are involved in some phase of planning, fund-raising, renovation or construction of a building project. This revised Process has been simplified to assist parishes and schools to successfully run projects and follow canonical requirements. “Parish” as used herein includes both parish and school. “Pastor” as used herein includes both pastor and parish administrator.

Throughout the process, multiple contracts and agreements that qualify as an Act of Extraordinary Administration will need to be signed in order to continue working. Please refer to the “Project/Contract Cheat Sheet” (Attachment F) to verify what, along with Votum (Attachment B), should be submitted in order to have it executed by an Officer of the Corporation Sole.

Consultation/Initiation of Project – First Request letter sent to Vicar General, via vgrequests@charlestondiocese.org from Pastor’s Diocesan email account. The letter should include as much information about the project as possible, including but not limited to: scope of work, schedule, budget, & funding plan.

Kick Off Meeting – Pastor and Parish Committee members, Director, Specialist, & BRAC Liaison; at parish, project site, or virtual to discuss Project Details and the Process. The parish should also be able to answer: Does parish have Master Plan? Does Parish have outstanding maintenance necessary outside the scope of the project being requested? Does the Parish need a capital campaign or loan? What is the expected project timeline? Project Budget/cost estimate?

Design Approval Phase 1 – Conceptual or Schematic Designs to be reviewed by BRAC (architect engaged following Diocesan Contract Approval Process). Drawing set (PDF) will need to be submitted to the Specialist one week prior to the meeting date. Letter with the committee’s comments will be sent to Pastor following the review. Designs granted Preliminary Approval are used for fundraising.

Capital Campaign – Follow Diocesan Request Process (letter & Vota to VGRequests)

Financial Approval Phase 1 – Prior to the Architect being engaged to begin work on Design Approval P2, the parish must provide proof that they are on track to have 100% funding by the time the designs are completed and the project is ready for bid. A cost estimate/project budget should be submitted with current Capital Campaign status for review.

Design Approval Phase 2 — Design Development (DD) (at 50% completion) & Construction Documents (CD) (at 90-100% completion) to be reviewed by BRAC (Architect engaged following Diocesan Contract Approval Process); a presentation to the committee may be required, upon invitation only. Drawing sets (PDF) will need to be submitted to the Specialist the week prior to the meeting date. Letters with the committee’s comments will be sent to Pastor following each review. With both DD and CD, cost estimates should be submitted. After all the BRAC’s comments have been accepted and/or incorporated into the drawings the project may be granted Final Design Approval.

Financial Approval Phase 2 – Cost Estimates at DD and CD with available funds should be submitted to Director; Loan Process will be entered if necessary via request letter to VGrequests.  Only when a plan for 100% funding is accepted will the project be granted Final Financial Approval.

Construction Contract Approval – When the parish has received Design Approval & Financial Approval, the appropriate Construction Contract may be executed by the Vendor, Pastor and a Diocesan Officer. Diocesan Contract Approval Process should be followed.

Construction – Project Reports should be submitted by the first Thursday of every month.

  1. As-Built Drawings must be submitted upon completion of construction to be sent to Archives.
  2. Certificate of Occupancy must be submitted upon receiving from Municipality.