The Building and Renovation Advisory Committee, also known as the “BRAC”, exists to serve the Bishop of Charleston in reviewing proposals for new building plans or renovations for parishes and schools in the Diocese of Charleston.


  • Rev. Msgr. Richard D. Harris, Chair – St. Joseph, Columbia

Diocesan Staff:

  • Kelly Bruce, Director of Planning and Operations
  • Terri Brisson, Director of Financial Services
  • Kevin Crosby, Facilities Manager
  • Dave Pfrommer, Project Manager

Regional Liaisons:

  • Joe DePalma
  • Larry Flood
  • Ross Kuykendall
  • Patricia Mackin
  • Dave Pfrommer
  • William Roberts

BRAC Committees

Committee on Parish Planning and Site Review (Site Review)

  • Makes on-site visits to parishes to learn about the project and make advice and recommendations to the pastor (and his building committee).
  • Reviews the preliminary plans, conceptual drawings, master plan for the property, parish demographics, long range or pastoral plans, financial status, fundraising, and any other relevant information.

Committee on Architectural Plans, Drawings and Design (Design Review)

  • Reviews conceptual plans, architectural drawings, construction drawings and any other design documents related to parish and school structures.
  • The review will take place in Charleston on a monthly basis, if required. Some reviews may be accomplished on line (e-mail, etc.) or via teleconference.

Committee on Liturgical Design

  • Provides consultation on all liturgical matters in the design/renovation of church structures.
  • Attends Design Review meetings for new church or church renovation involving liturgical aspects of the renovation.

Regional BRAC Project Liaisons

  • The Regional BRAC Liaisons exist to serve as a local support to the pastors and their building committees who are involved in parish building or renovation projects. A liaison must have significant experience with architectural, engineering, construction or related professional experience. They will be required to participate in regional site visits within their region (first or third Wednesday of the month) and will be assigned to serve and assist those parishes within their region for the duration of the project.
  • They will serve as a support for promoting the Guidelines for Building, Renovation and Property in the Diocese of Charleston.
  • They will provide on-site or telephone consultation on an as needed basis.
  • They will promptly report any concerns to the BRAC Chairman or coordinator.

Meetings and Reporting

  • The BRAC will meet monthly to review any building project matters, concerns, issues, etc.
  • The subcommittees will provide summaries of their meetings to the BRAC for their review.
  • The parishes will provide monthly reports to the BRAC on the status of their projects. They will also copy their liaison on this report. See attached format (A) for parishes to use in preparing their monthly status report.
  • The coordinator will maintain a spreadsheet of all projects and their status for the BRAC’s use, to track the building/renovation phase of each parish/school project.
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We want to make the BRAC stronger to better support our parishes and schools. Particularly, we always need Catholics with extensive experience in architecture, design, engineering, and the building trades.

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