What is it? A friendship group reunion is three to six people who get together weekly to share their what is going in with their faith in the areas of:

  • Piety – What is going on in your prayer life?
  • Study – What are you reading, watching, or listening to that is helping you cultivate your faith life?
  • Action – How are you sharing your faith with others? (volunteerism, conversations, etc.)
  • Closest Moment – Share when your closest moment to Christ was during the past week (can happen during prayer, study, or action)
  • Plan – What is your plan for the upcoming week as it relates to prayer, study, and action?

This is not a contest! Rather, a time to grow closer to Christ by sharing, learning and being inspired to bring others to Christ.

What goes on during Group Reunion?

  • During the weekly Group Reunion, each participant shares from the past week what is going on in their life of prayer, study (like what you are reading or watching that is helping you in your faith) plus action (areas you are giving back, volunteering, interacting with family and friends as it relates to your faith).

When is it?