What is Ultreya?

  • The Ultreya is a monthly meeting of a community of friendship group reunions with a witness talk. It offers an opportunity to group with different people to realize that other Cursillistas are working to build the Kingdom of God here on earth.

What goes on during the Ultreya?

  • Ultreya typically starts with a Group Reunion (sharing what is going on in your life of PRAYER, STUDY, and ACTION) at various tables with people you normally do not have an opportunity to Group with. Often there is a pot luck dinner followed by an individual witness. This is where a fellow Cursillista shares their personal journey to a closer relationship with Christ.  This is followed by discussion on the talk, then closing in song and prayer.

What is the Ultreya schedule?

  • Please view the statewide list of monthly Ultreyas by deanery below: