The following guidelines are offered so that your experience of spiritual direction is as beneficial as possible.

  • The relationship between director and the directee must be one of honesty and openness. If either person feels constraint in this regard, there should be the freedom to discuss the matter and, if it seems best, to terminate the relationship.
  • Spiritual direction is treated with confidentiality. Nothing that the directee shares is repeated to anyone except with his/her consent.
  • The directee has the responsibility to be mindful of the date and time of scheduled appointments, and to give the director as much notice as possible when an appointment must be canceled. The director has a similar responsibility.
  • Sessions are scheduled for once a month and usually last for one hour. The directee should keep this in mind and prayerfully prepare for the sessions so that the time during the sessions is used to the fullest advantage of the directee. Plan to discuss what is most important and critical early in the session.
  • The directee has the full freedom to discontinue spiritual direction at any time, but as a matter of courtesy, the directee should talk with the director about this before withdrawing from spiritual direction.
  • The spiritual director supports the directee, not only during the sessions, but through his prayer each day.
  • There is no financial charge or obligation for spiritual direction.