Why should people give to the Appeal?2018-08-22T22:02:04-04:00

It’s important to provide parishioners with an invitation to share their financial gifts to help provide Catholic outreach, ministry, education, and services to the people and parishes throughout the Diocese – Catholic or not. We are simply called to be Christ to one another.

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal also provides a teachable moment. It allows parish leaders the opportunity to talk about the connectedness and universality of our Church. We are reminded that we are responsible not only for our parish, but also for the well-being of the Church throughout the Diocese. Since we are one community of believers, members of all parish communities throughout the Diocese of Charleston, we are invited to give to this effort.

Why has the Bishop’s Annual Appeal goal increased to $5,000,000?2021-12-20T09:53:58-05:00

We are a growing diocese: the number of registered families has increased by 25% over the last ten years. This growth presents new challenges and increased needs. With an increase in funding, we are able to invest substantial resources into programs and ministries that are accomplishing critically important work.

Why does my parish conduct the Bishop’s Annual Appeal?2021-12-20T09:55:20-05:00

All 115 parishes and missions of the diocese participate in the Annual Appeal. It is through the Appeal that many of the ministries supported by the Diocese can be offered in our communities today. Without the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, thousands of families who rely on support from these instrumental ministries would go without.

How does the Diocese operate and what are its sources of income?2018-08-22T22:01:23-04:00

The diocese operates on three main sources of funding: 1) Funds from the Bishop’s Annual Appeal 2) Funds received from parish assessments 3) Funds from income earned on investments. The Bishop’s Annual Appeal makes up approximately one-third of the overall budget for the Diocese of Charleston.

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal is supported by the Office of Stewardship and Mission Advancement. Learn More

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