Special thanks to everyone who helped us today!

Sister Kathy and Cathy Roche: Check out the new Buzz Reports! They are Buzzin’ around the world! 🐝

Brian Fahey and Melissa Mabry: The Office of Archives & Records Management is now on the Map!! Go and visit them! 🗺

Mary Corder: Go read the bios or watch a short video on our awesome Diocesan Missionary Team (DMT)! Become inspired by how they are helping the community! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

Betsy Isch: We updated some tweaks to the job section. Be on the look out for some new faces in Charleston!

Teaser: The Office of MultiMedia is building a password protected area where you can download a bunch of diocesan goodies. 🍩🍪