Medical Missions & Project San Pedro

In October of 2007, a small group from the Diocese of Charleston went on a fact-finding trip to Guatemala. The diocese partnered with the Sisters of Bethany who run a couple of Catholic schools and a small clinic. Upon their return, they immediately began planning the first medical mission trip. The word was put out via parish bulletins and the diocesan newspaper seeking interested missioners. People from all over the diocese responded and that first group of 14 left for Guatemala in April, 2008. Since that first medical mission, teams have gone to Guatemala twice a year and the number of participants has nearly tripled.

Since 2008, teams of medical personnel and other support volunteers have spent one week serving the health needs of the poor in Guatemala. Because the needs of the people in San Pedro La Laguna are so great, we decided to develop a sponsorship program that we call Project San Pedro to serve not only the medical needs, but the educational, nutritional and housing needs of the poor. This is an opportunity for those who cannot personally go on a week-long medical mission to participate in this missionary activity.

We collaborate with the local diocese of Solola in parishes in Guatemala where the needs are great. Project San Pedro is set up to insure that children who often end their education prematurely to help support their families, are able to complete school. They are given financial assistance to pay for school, are given nutritional supplements, clothing allowances, medical services from our on site clinic and assistance to live in a safe and clean home

Please visit our missions website for details regarding the Medical Mission and Project San Pedro.

Contact Information:
Deacon Gabriel Cuervo, Director
International Ministries