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The Diocesan Evangelization Team is compiled of high school students from across the state who are on fire for the Lord, as well as a team of adults who lead the team with the Holy Spirit in their hearts!  The purpose of the team is to share God’s love with the youth in our state. We do this through offering retreats and conferences to Jr. High and High school students. During these events, the team does tasks such as performing dramas to stimulate discussion about life issues the participants may be facing, leading small group discussions based on God’s Word and Catholic teachings, sharing about their own personal relationship with Jesus and a variety of other tasks.

First and foremost, each member must have a personal relationship with Christ and strengthen this relationship with daily prayer. Prayer is the most important part of this team, for without knowing the Lord personally we simply cannot tell others about His amazing love.  A team member should be a person who abides by the Catholic Church and Her teachings, including placing the sacraments at the center of his or her faith life. Attending mass weekly and confession regularly are two very vital aspects of this.

Applications are due into the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry by May 3, 2021.

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