The demographic makeup of the Church has changed dramatically in the last 25 years, and it will continue to change. Our challenge is to become more welcoming to all people, regardless of ethnicity. The activities and training resources that are shared here are to help increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of our diversity.


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2013 – 2018 Pastoral Plan and Resources for the Evangelization of African Americans
2017-2022 Pastoral Plan of Action
My Little Black Catholic History Book-History & Resources for Celebrating Black Catholic History
Open Wide Our Hearts, the enduring call to love, A pastoral letter against racism
Responding to the Sin of Racism
The Racial Divide in the United States by Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton: Text & Study Guide
What We Have Seen & Heard: A Pastoral Letter For Evangelization from the Black Catholic Bishops of the United Statesholic Bishops

Training ,Webinars and Recordings

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Ethnic Ministries – First Friday Table Talk
Ethnic Ministries – God’s Circle of Love Webinar
First Friday Coffee Talk for September 3, 2021 at 10am-11am

God’s Circle of Love Webinar

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources to use with Children and Teens


It’s Juneteenth! A Time to Pray, Reflect and Celebrate!.



RECORDING OF THE EVENT: SCCCW Greenville Deanery Dialogue on Peace

Black History Month 2021: Special Guest Mayor Brendon Barber

Black History Month 2021: Virtual Celebration for the Family – YouTube

Special Guest Mayor Brendon Barber, Georgetown, SC, will share his story and experiences on being the first Black mayor of Georgetown, SC. The mayor is also a Catholic legacy from St. Cyprian Catholic School and Church in Georgetown. A music history presentation from Dr. Alvoy Bryan, Jr. Ph.D;
Deacon Leonard Chambliss will lead us in prayer for the occasion. Black History Jeopardy and much more! Co-Hosted by Kathleen Merritt and Taylor Doggett. A celebration for the whole family!

MLK Day Celebration 2021 : How Long? Not Long!;

RECORDING OF THE EVENT: MLK Celebration 2021 Recording Video

“How Long? Not Long” was Martin Luther Kings’ speech on March 25, 1965. Father Michael Okere will lead a spiritual reflection and Sister Roberta Fulton, SSMN, will lead a reflection on this historical speech in comparison to the pandemic and civil unrest in our country today. The peaceful remarks of Dr. King serves as a catalyst for hope peace and unity. Hosted by Kathleen Merritt. All are invited to join us.

Black History Month 2021: First Friday’s Coffee, Tea, Saints and Faith Table Talk.

Black History Month 2021: Virtual Celebration for the Family – YouTube

Guest Judge Arthur McFarland discusses Black Catholic History in the Diocese of Charleston. Principal Delores Gilliard, St. Martin de Porres Catholic School in Columbia shares Black History and its impact on our youth. Vicar for Black Catholics, Father Michael Okere will lead us in a prayer for the Black Catholic Family. There will be Black History trivia questions and chances to win prizes. Grab your cup of coffee or tea and join us!

Who’s talking to the Children about Diversity and Inclusion?

Zoom Recording of Event: “Who’s Talking to the Children about Diversity?”

Children notice and experience more than we think they do when it comes to cultural differences and the racial divide in America. More and more young children are hearing and seeing issues related to the racial divide in America on the TV, during family discussion and among their peers. This can sometimes lead to misinformation and anxiety. It is important that we as Catholic adults help them to better understand what is happening and what should be happening. This webinar will take a look at some of the things that young children may see and hear and offer them age appropriate activities and talking points for you that will promote cultural competency and strengthen their belief in the power of prayer. For clergy, parents, teachers and anyone interested in the subject.

Diocese of Charleston Black Catholic Heritage Gathering 2021;

Recording of Event: Black Catholic Heritage 2021 Recording

On Saturday February 6th a team of diocesan leaders representing our historical African American Parishes will lead discussions and share with participants their findings on best practices for evangelization during a changed world.

Diversity, Inclusion and Empathy Training for Catechetical Leaders & Other Adults Working with Youth

Zoom Recording:   Diversity, Inclusion and Empathy Training 4/12/21

A discussion on diversity, inclusion and ways in which Catechists and other youth leaders can structure a culturally inclusive environment. Understanding racism and teaching empathy will be the main topic areas to be discussed: Social Justice, Gospel of Life. Participants are required to read the USCCB Pastoral Letter on Racism, “Open Wide our Hearts” prior to gathering. Document can be found at:

June 4,2021 First Friday’s Coffee, Tea, Saints and Faith Table Talk.

First Friday of June 2021’s Coffee, Tea, Saints and Faith Table Talk – YouTube

Special Guest Dr. Matthew J. Cressler presents his book ” Authentically Black and Truly Catholic.” Sr. Pamela Smith, SSMN continues our ongoing discussion on Slavery in the History of the Diocese.