The Office of the Chancellor is a mandatory office within the Diocesan Curia (canon 482.1). The Chancellor serves as the official notary of the diocese and authenticates the signature on official documents for the Bishop of the Diocese of Charleston. The Chancellor supervises the establishment, retention and access guidelines of records management. This office also has, under its purview the Diocesan Archives which has, as its primary objective, to collect, preserve, and make available non-current diocesan records of permanent administrative, legal, fiscal, canonical and historic value as well as records of other institutions, records of other agencies, personal papers, and publications documenting the history of the Roman Catholic church within the diocesan boundaries.

The Office of the Chancellor also has, under its purview, the Office of Matrimonial Concerns and Dispensations. This office is charged with assisting the Bishop of Charleston in fulfilling his canonical responsibilities to prepare Catholics and those who want to marry Catholics, for marriage. This office provides general assistance to pastors, priests, deacons, and parish life facilitators. Petitions for premarital dispensations, dispensations from canonical form, and permissions concerning marriage should be sent to the Office of the Chancellor who oversees the Office of Matrimonial Concerns and Dispensations.