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St. Michael Catholic School   The Mission of Saint Michael Catholic School is to educate and guide students by providing academic excellence, spiritual development, and strong Catholic values.  Our school maintains a safe, nurturing environment that inspires a genuine love for learning, and encourages a lifelong quest for knowledge. St. Michael is a PK-6 school.

Job Description   Job summary: The principal fulfills the mission of the Catholic school by serving as the spiritual, educational, and managerial leader of the school. The principal is charged with the implementation of the philosophy, mission, objectives, and the overall management of the school. The principal is responsible for the professional effectiveness of the staff, the educational progress of the students, as well as the relationship within the entire school and parish communities. The school is PreK3 to 6th grade. This position reports to the Parish Pastor/Administrator.

Essential job functions
• Supports and upholds the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of the school
• Acts as a witness to the Gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Catholic Church
• Provides leadership in creating a school culture reflecting Catholic identity
• Supports and adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church, Code of Conduct, and policies and procedures of the Diocese
• Promotes Catholic identity within the school through liturgical celebrations, faith development, integration of Gospel values, and the practice of Christian service

• Administers the school according to Diocesan and local policies.
• Maintains the accreditation of the school according to South Carolina standards
• Develops a strategic plan for the school operation
• Demonstrates professionalism in conduct, demeanor, and work habits
• Maintains a work schedule that maximizes availability to the school, students and staff
• Provides for an orderly school environment and promotes student self-discipline
• Identifies and effects needed change for school improvement
• Develops and communicates routine procedures for the operation of the school.
• Publishes rules, regulations, schedules, and procedures, and is consistent in expectations regarding them.
• Maintains discipline throughout the school so that a learning environment prevails.
• Unifies expectations for high academic standards throughout the school.
• Provides appropriate maintenance and cleanliness of the school for the safety and well-being of the students.
• Develops good school-community relationships and involvement in all aspects of the Development Program.

Fiscal Management
• Responsible for developing an annual school budget and supervising all expenditures to comply with the budget.
• Oversees development goals and activities and seeks resources and support beyond the school
• Complies with all parish and diocesan requirements for reporting, auditing, budget management
• Keeps school financial records organized in an orderly and secure manner.
Leadership of Faculty and Curriculum Development
• Hires, supervises, evaluates, and terminates all faculty and staff according to diocesan guidelines
• Ensures the implementation of a comprehensive curriculum through the use of a variety of standard strategies
• Supervises instruction and evaluates the overall effectiveness of the academic program
• Assists teachers in the guidance, assessment, and analysis of student achievement
• Provides orientation and on-going in-service for the faculty according to their needs.
• Promotes the growth of the faculty through on-going supervision and evaluation.
• Oversees scheduling of classes and daily lesson planning by teachers.
Relationship With Council
• Reports regularly to the School Council regarding implementation of diocesan/local policies, curriculum development, evaluation and school concerns.
• Coordinates with the Parish Finance Council Liaison to regularly provide the School Council with appropriate financial reports.
• Prepares the necessary background material for local policy formation and for long-range planning.
• Updates the School Council on current educational trends, issues, new laws, and other in-service matters that will be useful to them.
• Assists the Finance Council and the Pastor in the preparation of the annual budget and to administer and monitor the approved budget within the designated parameters.
• Confers regularly and frequently with the Chairperson of the School Council.

Parental Involvement and Public Relations
• Provides opportunities for regular conferences and meetings of parents and teachers.
• Provides channels for parent involvement and input in curriculum and school policies.
• Alerts parents to the special needs and/or problems of their children.
• Keeps parents informed through regular school bulletins.
• Cooperates with, and helps to promote, the various programs existing in and for the school.
• Represents the school to the general community.
• Develops and maintains public relations with and among appropriate publics.
• Maintains current and accurate records according to diocesan and school policy
• Abides by the Confidentiality Policy set forth in the Diocese Employee Handbook
• Communicates effectively with students, parents, and other professionals

Minimum qualifications:
• Must be a practicing Catholic in good standing.
• Master’s degree in Educational Administration or related area
• Must have or be eligible for a South Carolina certificate
• 3-5 years of teaching experience in a Catholic school
• Principal or Assistant Principal experience preferred especially in a Catholic School.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:
• Knowledge of the basic teachings of the Catholic Church, instructional methods/strategies and curriculum differentiation, adolescent development, methods of religious education, and effective assessment methods
• Able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form, work well with others in the school community, and work independently and to self-motivate
• Skills: handling multiple tasks simultaneously, organizing and relating information in an understandable format, job-appropriate technology, critical thinking and planning, managing conflicts effectively, organizational management and delegation of responsibilities, using group process skills effectively with various internal and external communities

Salary- Negotiable

Deadline- April 30, 2024

Apply to- (Please put “St. Michael” in the subject line.)


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