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Share The Marvel of Womanhood – With Teens (14-18y/o)

We often hear clients say, “I wish I knew this years ago!” But how does one talk with a teenager about the beauty of a woman’s reproductive system and cycle while fostering the Catholic teachings of chastity? This subject has long been needed, but an effective program hasn’t been available, until now.

The Wonder of Eve helps high-school-aged women understand how naturally amazing their bodies are and the impact their choices can have on their future health and fertility.

It is an age-appropriate, engaging presentation that helps young women understand the truth about how their bodies are developing and the power that they have by understanding it.

It includes a brief introduction to understanding and tracking cycles as a way to better understand their health. Girls are encouraged to take good care of themselves now and to understand how God designed their bodies to work so they can advocate for their healthcare.

This webinar is also open for mothers of teenagers.

Our speaker is Allison Coiro, Certified FertilityCare Practitioner and Director of Office of Natural Family Planning Diocese of St Louis.

Please register in advance:  https://tinyurl.com/wonderofeve

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