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In this workshop, we get down to the necessities of being a competent and skillful pastoral counselor. We’ll try to cut through much of the psychological verbiage that masks the ‘real’ problems people bring to you. And, we introduce you to short-term solution focused counseling.

You’ll learn how to realistically diagnose the problems before you (forget DSM-V unless you have a Master’s or better in counseling). Then, you’ll learn how to put together an ‘action plan’ -or, what used to be called a ‘treatment plan,’ that helps them become self-reliant faster. Using this approach will help and encourage parishioners to constructively address their problems in a healing (and even sacramental way) in four or less sessions or ‘get togethers.’

This more efficient and effective way of helping others is actually the bedrock of most counseling done in the mental health system. You’ll find you can better help more people in less time in a way that they’ll find gives them back control of their lives.

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