Established in 2017, the Catholic Community Foundation of South Carolina (CCFSC) is a 501(C)(3) organization composed of clergy and laypeople from across South Carolina whose purpose is to promote and support funding for religious, educational, and charitable programs in the Diocese of Charleston.

All funds raised through the Bicentennial Campaign will be held and administered by the CCFSC to the parishes, programs, and ministries in the coming years.  Beyond the Bicentennial Campaign, the CCFSC will play an active role in ensuring funds raised for endowments and other long-term purposes within the Diocese are invested and distributed properly to fulfill the needs of our parishes, missions, schools, and other elements of our Catholic lives.

To learn more about the goals of the CCFSC, meet the Board of Directors, and learn how to plan your legacy, visit

Ascension Newsletter

As the funds raised through the Bicentennial Campaign are distributed back to the parishes, missions, ministries, and programs, this semi-annual newsletter will provide updates on all of the good that is being conducted because of your generosity.