Saint Cecilia Sisters

Fiat Ministries Discernment Retreat!

This was the most unbelievable retreat ever!!  Some young ladies got diverted for 24 hrs. from the DTW airport to a multitude of other airports across the nation!! — how others went off the road 4 times before getting to us and the girls pulled so many cars out of ditches, we can’t begin to count them all!!  Some spent the night in airports; others got in after midnight and were blessed to be able to find a motel nearby and stay until the Sisters could safely come get them!!  And then, after we tucked everyone in, it snowed throughout the entire retreat – and sleeted  — day and night non stop!!  Our retreat priest tried so hard to get to us from LA…..then, God bless him, his flight was cancelled!!  But we had 3 priests from Peoria, IL come with 4 carloads of young women — and they filled in as the retreat priests!!  It was incredible from start to finish!!  The Sisters manned a ‘control post’ for flights that could possibly rival Nasa — as they called the diversions faster than flightview did!  And our 4 wheel drives ran for hours from airport to school — back and back and back– to safely get all the women here for retreat!!  I will NEVER forget this retreat — none of us will!!  And of the 136 that were trying to come, a whopping 111 made it!!  Parents supported their daughters stuck in airports everywhere, encouraging them to “GET THERE!!”   Screwtape won ZERO victories….but CHRIST won TONS!!  Every heart was deeply touched…..and tonight, only 5 young ladies remained here whose flights had been cancelled as, once again, DTW was reduced to one open runway and Midway, Chicago was closed yet again!!

Special thanks….. to EVERYONE who prayed for us as it truly took us all!  Peoria wins the prize with 30 young ladies + 2 Sisters +3 Priests + chaperones!! And University of Notre Dame comes in 2nd place!!   Truly, God’s miracles poured in as challenge after challenge arose ……but all glory be to CHRIST who pulled us all safely through!!  Though several sessions had to be cancelled, the quick-thinking Sisters substituted other greatness and, in the end, the words of one Sister expressed the thoughts of all of us so exhausted…..”This was the BEST retreat of all!!”

God loves you all!!  He certainly does!!