Wateree River Correctional Institution (L2)
Highway 261
Rembert, Sc 29128
803-432-6191 or 803-896-3400
Warden: Donald Blackwith 803-432-6191
Chaplain: James Taylor 803-896-3429 Taylor.James@doc.state.sc.us
Prison Population:
Number Of Registered Catholics: 14
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Deacon Lawrence Corum (Larry) 803-499-3181 lcorum@sc.rr.com
6694 Francis Marion
Dalzell, SC 29040
St. Jude Catholic Community of Sumpter
Mass: None
Sacraments Offered: None
Communion Services are not offered because the majority of men who come are not Catholic, or those who have been baptized Catholic have received the other sacraments that would normally follow such as Penance, Communion or Confirmation.
Catholic Volunteer Instructors: Deacon Corum is in the process of trying to recruit another volunteer to help him. This potential volunteer comes to him with lots of prison ministry experience. The hope is that these two men will be able to alternate leading the weekly meetings at the prison.
Programs Offered: A weekly program is offered on Tuesdays from 2:00 -3:00 PM. Each week there is a theme which targets a recovery program topic. Ex. “love of family” and “service to one another”.
Number Of Catholics Participating: Sometimes 15, sometimes 1or 2
Ministry Budget: None
Requested Items: Rosaries & 30 Catholic Bibles with Instructional Pamphlets
Kairos Weekends Held Per Year: None