Walden Correctional Institution (L1-B MALE)
4340 Broad River Road
Columbia, Sc 29210
Interim Warden: David Dunlap 803-896-8580 . Dunlap.David@doc.state.sc.us
Chaplain: James Abrams, Jr. 803-896-8580 Abrams. James@doc.state.sc.us
Prison Population: 404
Number Of Registered Catholics: 7
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: None
Mass: None
Sacraments Offered: None
Catholic Volunteer Instructor: None
Catholics Participating: None
Catholic Programs: None
However, Chaplain Abrams is willing to post a flier in all dorms and central areas if a Catholic Volunteer/Priest or Deacon is willing to conduct a Catholic Program on Sunday evenings one a month. The contingency of 3 Catholic Prisoners must sign up for this program in order to get any time slot. Chaplain Abrams also stated he would be willing to offer additional space and a more workable time slot once a Catholic Program is established and the Catholic prisoners’ interest and attendance increases.
The Program Incorporates: Nothing at this time
Group Rosary Prayer Time: None
Ministry’s Budget: None
Requested Items: None
Kairos Weekends Held Per Year: None