Perry Correctional Institution (L3)
430 Oaklawn Road
Pelzer, Sc 29669 803-243-4700 OR 803-737-1752
Warden: Scott Lewis 864-243-4700 (ext. 1100),
Chaplains: Senior Chaplain: Larry Epps 864-243-4700 (ext. 1170)
Associate Chaplain: David Petre 864-243-4700
Prison Population: 1000 to 1100
Number Of Registered Catholics: 22
Catholic Clergymen Assigned: Father Williams has been assigned primary responsibility for the sacramental needs of the men at Perry. He is supported by three other priests from the area with Mass one week of the month.

Fr. Rhett Williams, 864-288-4884 ext. 211, St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church
Fr. Dan McLellan, OFM, 864- 654-1757, Saint Andrew Catholic Church
Fr. Dwight Longenecker, 864-422-1648, Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church
Fr. Patrick Tuttle, 864-640-2466, Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
Deacon John Leininger, 864-903-0050 (C), Saint Andrew Catholic Church

Masses: Mass is celebrated each Thursday at 1:10 PM (The four priest above rotate Mass every four weeks).
Sacraments Offered: Eucharist/weekly and Penance/upon request
Catholic Volunteers: John Leininger, Coordinator 864-903-0050,
Tom Kenny, 864 498-2319,
Gwen Whitner, 864-233-7717
Allan Yust, 317-225-9818,
Programs Offered: Christian Fellowship every Friday from noon to 2 PM. Two Fridays a month we deal with Catechism to better understand the Catholic faith. One Friday each month the group focuses on Catholic Apologetics and the last weekend of the month is typically a Christian movie. Note of interest- Catholic Inmates are evangelizing their friends. The group normally prays the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross during Lent.
Number Of Catholics Participating: Approximately 8-14
Ministry’s Budget: $0.00, support for events comes from the four supporting Catholic Churches in the area— St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Saint Andrew Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, and Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.
Requested Items: Materials for RCIA, Bibles, Rosaries, Christian movies, support for meals for the Christmas Celebration in December and Spring Celebration in May.
Additional Activities: Two Kairos Weekends Are Held Per Year. #42 will be held March 7-10, 2019. 1200+ residents have made their weekend at Perry over the last 20 years. The Volunteer Coordinator is Tim Brett (864) 414-3642/email: There typically are 100 men attending monthly “REUNION” and 10-20 volunteer men assist at these gatherings. Several Catholic men are on the Kairos team, support for meals and cookies for the Kairos Walk is needed each weekend. If you can help contact Deacon John Leininger at 864-903-0050 or