Mc Cormick Correctional Institution (L3)
386 Redemption Way
Mccormick, Sc 29899
864-443-2114 OR 803-734-0330
Warden: Leroy Cartledg 803-734-0330
Chaplains: Bobby Hankerson 803-734-0330
Nedenia Parker-Barber 803-734-0330
Population Of Prison: 1249
Number Of Registered Catholics: 32
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Fr. Allam Marreddy 864-366-5150 Who was Pastor of Sacred Heart in Abbeville and Good Shepard Mission in McCormick visited the prison weekly, but has been transferred. It is hopeful that Fr. Jeremi Wodecki, the new Pastor, will resume Mass and Confessions every other week.
Sacraments Offered: Mass and Penance Services were offered weekly by Fr. Allam Marreddy
Catholic Volunteers: Richard P. (Dick) Obermeyer, Core Leader 864-391-3321
Assisted by Rita Bies 864-391-2764 & Ester Milliron 864-864-4323
Programs Offered: Weekly Bible Study for one hour
Number Of Catholics Participating: 32 ?
Ministry’s Budget: $250.00
Requested Items: None
2 Kairos Weekends Are Held Per Year. #37 SPRING 2012 – 1296 residents have made the Kairos Weekend The Volunteer Coordinator is Jim Holly 803-648-1700. The procedures for the 2 monthly “REUNIONS” are determined by alphabet (A to H) and (I to Z) and 100-150 men are at each. There are 18-20 Kairos volunteers who assist at the monthly “REUNIONS.”