Manning Correctional Institution (L1-B MALE)
Warden: Sandra Barrett 803-935-6000
Pre-Release Program Coordinator: Donald Harrell 803-935-6000
Chaplain: Thyra Adams-Briggs 803-935-6081
Prison Population 800
Number Of Registered Catholics: 12
This number is growing since 100 new inmates from surrounding prisons are being transferred into Manning per week for the one and only pre-release program within the South Carolina Correctional System.
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: None as of yet. Deacon Chuck Dirusso did go in weekly prior to the prison’s change of format and purpose.
Mass: None
SACRAMENTS OFFERED: Communion was brought in by the Deacon Chuck Derusso
Catholic Volunteer Instructor: No one at the present time.
Number Of Catholics Participating: There were 10-12 attending regularly, however, suddenly no one showed up. Deacon Dirusso could not get an explanation of what happened nor was there good communication nor cooperation from the Chaplain to resolve what ever happened.
Catholic Programs: Thursday at 5:00 pm once a month Deacon Chuck Dirusso offered a program incorporating meditation, readings from “Word Among Us” and “Loaves and Fishes” with discussion.
Group Rosary Prayer Time: No, but rosaries with instructions were given out.
Ministry’s Budget: None
Requested Items: The Director of the Prison Pre-Release Program, Mr. Harrell, has asked the Charleston Diocesan Office of Prison Ministry to put together a “Fatherhood Program” for each of the Pre-Release Groups that will be cycling through this prison very 90-120 days. They have agreed to work with us in what every way they can since the Prison Pre-Release Program wishes to incorporate the necessary component of “Fatherhood” into their program in order to better prepare the men for the financial and emotional support of their children when they are released. God and faith can’t be a part of the format, but Mr. Harrell, Chaplain Adams-Briggs and Pam Rice are working on a religious component that can accompany the “Fatherhood Segment” for those who wish to enhance and deepen their understanding of “Fatherhood’ from a spiritual/and faith filled experience of healing and parenting as shown to us through Our Heavenly Father.
KAIROS WEEKENDS HELD PER YEAR: At one time there were weekends scheduled regularly, but none are being offered now.