Livesay Correctional Institution (L3)
503 Broadcast Drove
Spartanburg, Sc 29303
803-734-1375 or 864-594-4915
Warden: Robert Mauney 803-734-1375
Chaplains: Jimmy Keller 864-594-4915
Jason Kersh 803-734-1375
Prison Population: 612
Number Of Registered Catholics: 8
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Each of the three priests below will be saying Mass and hearing confessions once every three months.
Fr. Timothy Gahan, St. Paul the Apostle 864-582-0674
Fr. Frank Palmieri, Jesus Our Risen Savior 864-576-1164
Fr. Teodoro (Ted) Kalaw, Jesus Our Risen Savior Church 864-576-1164
Sacraments Offered: Soon there will be Masses and Penance Services offered once a month.
Catholic Volunteers: Team of Volunteers are presently being recruited.
Catholic Programs Offered: Chaplain Keller has approved a time slot for Tuesday evenings from 5:30 -6:45 PM. The approved programming included the Sunday Gospel reading with reflection, discussion and prayer time The future hope is to use the two pocket size text book series titled “The Path through Catholicism” and “The Path Through Scripture”.
Number Of Catholics Participating: 4 out of the registered Catholics
Ministry’s Budget: None
Requested Items: Path Through Catholocism – A RCIA Pocket Companion and Path Through Sceiptures by Mark Link, SSJ.
No Kairos Weekends Are Held & No MontHLY REUNIONS ARE CONDUCTED
evThere are no Kairos volunteers to assist with monthly “REUNIONS.”