Lieber Correctional Institution (L3 MALE)
Po Box 205
Ridgeville, Sc
(803) 896-3700 OR (843) 875-3332
Interim Warden: Wayne McCabe 803-896-3700
Chaplain: James Cuttino 803-896-3711
Prison Population: 1422
Number Of Registered Catholics: 63
Catholic Clergyman: Fr. Edward W. Fitzgerald JCL Divine Redeemer Church 843-553-0340
Msgr. Joseph Frank Hanley Blessed Sacrament Church 843-556-0801
Mass: Scheduled almost weekly
Sacraments Offered: Reconciliation and Eucharist
Catholic Volunteer Instructors: Each Catholic Chuch in the area alternate Fridays and visit for one hour.

Sr. Carol Gnau 843-873-0631 Ext. 17 & Shelayne Witte 843-830-4052 From St. John the Beloved in Summerville visit on the third Friday of each month.

Sr. Stella Maris Craven, OLM 843-884-5607 and the Team from Christ Our King in Mt. Pleasant visits on another Friday. This visitation includes Mass celebrated by Fr. Fitzgerald

Bob Boackle , Pat Peglia, and Ernie Torez’s Team visits on Tuesday nights.

Jack McGovern 843-813-8161 From Blessed Sacrament leads an excellent, all inclusive pre-release program called “His Way” on Wednesday evenings.
The Catholic Churches in Charleston helped pay for the building of the prison chapel, as well as purchasing the Stations of the Cross for $2,000 recently installed on the walls of the chapel. Bibles, missalettes and subscriptions to “Living the Good News are provided and used during the weekly gatherings.

Catholics Participating: Unavailable
Ministry’s Budget: $360.00 and more as needed.
Kairos Weekends Are Held Per Year #47 to be held in the spring of 2012. 1656 inmates have made the weekend at Lieber. The Volunteer Coordinator is Dave Cuhna 843-695-0913. Presently, 72 residents attend the monthly ‘REUNIONS” with 10 Kairos Volunteers assisting. Muslim Gangs are pressuring inmates to join their group and offering them protection.