Lee Correctional Institution (L3- MaLE)
990 Wisacky Highway
Bishopville, Sc 29010
803-428-2800 Or 803-896-2400
Warden: Mike McCall 803-896-2485 McCall.Mike@doc.state.sc.us
Chaplain: Michael Cannon-Head Chaplain 803-428-2800 or 803-896-2400 Cannon.Michael@doc.state.sc.us
Leonard Cain-Assistant Chaplain 803-428-2800 or 803-896-2400 Cain.Leonard@doc.state.sc.us
Population Of Prison: Unknown
Number Of Registered Catholics: 78
Catholic Clergyman: No Priest is presently assigned.
Whenever Possible, Fr. Frances Travis from Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Camden 803-432-6131 and Fr. Andrew Volkommer from Our Lady of the Lake in Chapain 803-345-3962 alternate celebrating Mass.
Mass: Only when Fr. Frances Travis and Fr. Andrew Volkommer are available. They are hoping a Priest within the prison’s deanary jurisdiction will step up to the plate or be assigned.
Sacraments Offered: Communion and Penance upon request
Catholic Volunteers: The Co-Team Leaders are Richard Winter 803-469-0895 rswinter@ftc-i.net, and Richard Boiszert 803-406-0653 richlion57@yahoo.com. Joining them are:Peter Sauas, Maria Bailey, Earnest Harris, Shirlyn Bethea, Carola Venticinque. All team members are from St. Jude’s Catholic Community in Sumpter, SC.
Catholic Programs: On the 2ND 3RD AND 4TH Tuesdays of each month the group leads a RCIA type program when Mass is not being celebrated. The format follows a series of Liguori Pamphlets, each having a theme topic for the week. Soon the DVD SERIES titled, “CATHOLICISM” will be presented as a 12-month series.
In addition to the weekly gatherings, a letter writing ministry has been started to give other parish parishioners the opportunity to participate in the ministry. The names of the Catholic prisoners are given to the parish pen pal and he/she writes the inmate inspirational and friendship type letters. The inmate may write back to his pen pal by addressing his letter to the Prison Ministry PO BOX address in order to maintain the privacy of the volunteers.
Number Of Catholics Participating: 22
Ministry’s Budget: None – funded by donations
Requested Items: A Priest to be assigned to say Masses and make available the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
2 Kairos Weekends Are Held Per Year- #34 was held this spring. Thus far 1224 men have made the “Kairos Weekend. Monthly Reunions are lead by Lloyd Williams 843-332-8969. Richard Boiszert 803-406-0653 and 11-15 other volunteers assist regularly with the 100-150 men who attend.