Kirkland Correctional Institution (L3 -MALE)
4344 Broad River Road
Columbia, Sc 29210
Warden: Bernard McKie 803-896-1521
Chaplain: John Houser 803-896-2063
Joe Yoder 803-896-2240 David Utley 803-896-2262 Utley.David@doc.statelsclus
Number Of Registered Catholics: 78
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Deacon Chuck Dirusso 803-794-3388
Mass: None – not permitted
However, Bishop Guglielmone said Mass on April 10, 2012
Sacraments Offered: COMMUNION- Deacon Dirusso offers Communion Service weekly
Catholic Volunteer Instructor: Only Deacon Chuck Diusso at this time.
Number Of Catholics Participating: 10 and growing
These men will be in prison for the remainder of their lives and are part of the “cadre” (a group of men who have jobs within the prison system.
The F2 inmates with psychological problems can also attend if they have successfully completed a six-week “How to Behave Course” and even then, some cannot attend unless they are on the Warden’s “approved list”.
Catholic Programs: For the Cadre, Monday evening sessions from 5:30-7:00 pm incorporate bible, sharing and prayer group sessions. The R&E inmates (Catholic or non-Catholic) are visited daily by Deacon Chuck with one-on-one, cell to cell visits.
Ministry’s Budget: None
Requested Items: None
Kairos Weekends Held Per Year: NONE
Al Smith From Our Lady Of The Hills Church in Columbia 803-798-2991 and Ken Ols from St. Mary Magdalene, Simpsonville 864-244-8575, are Catholics and go in once a month on the fourth Saturday of each month for the Monthly Reunions.