Greenville Detention Center
20 Mc Gee Street
Greenville, Sc 29601
864- 467-2330
Assistant County Administrtor- Dept. OF PUBLIC SAFTY James M. Dorriety (O) 864-467-2321 (C) 864-704-24115
Jail Administrator Scotty Bodiford
Chaplain: Phyllis McMinn- Religious Services Coordinator (O) 864-467-2348 (C) 864 554-8367
Population Of Prison: about 1000
Catholic Clergyman: Deacon Ray Parham 864-845-5491
47 Charlwood Avenue
Piedmont, SC 29673
Mass: None
Sacraments Offered: Penance upon request
Catholic Volunteers: 10 per Wednesday
Catholic Programs: Use Wednesday’s Church readings – done in each of the 3 jail pods per week – men have 9 different pods. Each group/pod has an English and Spanish speaking Catholic volunteer to teach and be with the men who attend. A 45-minute segment is allotted per pod – there are 6 segments in 3 pods (3 in English and 3 in Spanish).
There are 2 Catholic women who go into the 2 women’s areas/cells where they spend an hour in each of the 2 sections allotted for the women prisoners.
They are partnership with Dismas for their Bibles and Bible Study and Faith Formation Correspondence Courses offered to the inmates by mail.
Number Of Catholics Participating: 60 (45 Catholics and 15 non-Catholic)
Ministry’s Budget: The Lady of the Rosary has a $1000 budget for both Perry Correctional Institution and Greenville Detention Center.
Requested Items: 100 copies of “Praying with the Spirit” Prayer Books, the Dismas Flier & any other magazines/Literature which would be helpful for the men and women.
No Kairos Weekends Are Held Per Year
Monthly Reunions: None