Goodman Correctional Institution (L-1B)
4556 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210 803-896-8565
Warden: Marian Boulward 803-896-8565
Chaplains: Bennie Coclough 803-896-1796 Coclough.Bennie@doc.state.SC.US
Prison Population: 448
Number Of Registered Catholics: 7
Catholic Clergyman & Religious AssignED: Sr. Christina Murphy 803-772-7400
Fr. David Whitman R. DAVID WHITMAN 803-772-7400
(available upon request)
Catholic Volunteer: Paul Williams 803-354-9505
1211 Metze Rd.- J2
Columbia, SC 29210
Catholic Programs Offered: Every Thursday evening from 6:00-7:00PM, Sr. Murphy offers one-on-one counseling and leads an instructional class with discussion and sharing. She uses all types of educational tools including the Bible, DVD’s and instructional textbooks.
Mass: Bishop Robert Guglielmone celebrated Mass with the women in the Spring of 2012
Sacraments Offered: Sr. Christina offers Communion Services and Penance/upon request
Rosaries and Bibles are given out, but there are no group Rosaries said.
Number Of Catholics Participating: 18-25
Ministry’s Budget: $1500
Requested Items: One Case of Bibles
3 Kairos Weekends Held Per Year. #31 April 2012 -1142 residents have made the Kairos Weekend.
The Volunteer Coordinator Is Lou Warren 803-790-8818. The procedures for selecting the monthly “REUNIONS” are determined by alphabet (A to H) and (I to Z) and numbers (100-150 men) on a monthly rotating basis. There are 18 to 20 Kairos volunteers who assist at the monthly “REUNIONS.”