Georgetown Detention Center
2394 Browns Ferry Road
Georgetown, Sc 2944
Chief: Michael Schwartz 843-545-3423
Chaplain: Charles Williams 843-545-3412
Pre-Entry Program Director: Debbie Barr 843 545-3420
Population Of Detention Center: 193
Number Of Registered Catholics: Unknown
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: None
Mass & Sacraments Offered: None. The only way an inmate can be seen by a priest for counseling or the sacraments is if he/she requests it.
Catholic Volunteer Instuctor (S): Our Pre-Release Volunteer Trainners:John Chandler 843-235-8980 Ray Farkas 843-750-0125
Ron Gilbert 843-314-3102 Phil Talmadge 843-957-7173 Ernie Dozzie , Outreach Chairperson for Knights of Columbus 843-235-3461
All these volunteers are from Precious Blood of Christ in Pawleys Is. 843-237-3428 along with Charles Ball 843-545-1115 from St. Cyphrian in Georgetown 843-546-1470 .
The Christmas “Children’s of Inmates Program” & the “Guiding Children of Promise Program” Virginia Yorzinski 843-651-3737 Ext.26 & Lauren Balogh 216-526-6272 from St. Michael’s in Murrells Inlet 843-651-3737.
Programs Offered: Pre-Release Educational Program success is measured by the fact that the residual rate of the men leaving the program is zero. The volunteers, lead by Debbie Barr, tutor adult men and teens. The older prisoners are receiving GED Certificates, while some of the teen prisoners are being awarded a high school diploma from the high schools they would have graduated from had they not been incarcerated. In addition to scholastic achievements the prisoners are given technological job-training courses in electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning courses. Every graduate leaves the jail with a job. The Christmas-‘Children’s of Inmates Program” & The Guiding Children of Promise Program for children of inmates between the ages of 10-14. This program pairs a youth with an adult who serves as a guide, friend and mentor. The results-high risk children break the cycle of following in the footsteps of their parent(s).
Numbers Of Catholics Participating: Unknown
Ministry Budget: Unknown