Fci Estill (Minimum Security)& Still CAMP (Minimal)
100 Prison Road
Estill, South Carolina 29918
Warden Mildred Riveria 803-625-4607
e-mail unavailable
Chaplain: Chaplain Neil 803-625-4607 Ext,-4380 e-mail unavailable
Population Of Prison:
Fci Estill 1138
Estill Camp 301
Catholic Clergy Assigned: Weekly – Fr. Carl Bauer from 803-943-4019 St Mary Mission; 703 Fifth Street East; Ridgeland, SC 29936 is the federally contracted priest who says Mass weekly.
Monthly – A Georgian Priest, Fr. Wes Lamb, 912-754-7473 frlamb@sbcatholic.com or paster@sbcatholic.com from St Boniface Church in Summerfield, GA, is the celebrant for Mass.
Mass & Sacraments Offered: Weekly and Monthly Mass, Eucharist and Confession/Penance
Catholic Volunteers: St. Boniface Catholic Church in Springfield, GA 912-754-7473 has a five-man volunteer team lead by Tom Matyjasik.
Programs Offered: House of Healing is a 12-month program headed up by Tom Matyjasik for the men who have been released.
Ministry Budget: Unknown
Items Requested: None
Kauris Weekends Offered: None