Evans Correctional Institution (L2)
610 Highway 9 West
Bennettsville, Sc 29512
843-479-4181 or 803-896-4900
Warden: Willie Eagleton 843-479-4181
Fredrick Yebuah 803-896-4931 Presently is out on sick leave
Michael Cannon 803-896-4931 has been reassigned to Lee Correctional Institution, but is presently filling in for Chaplain Yebuah while he is away . e-mail unavailable
Prison Population: Between 1400-1500
Number Of Registered Catholics: 48
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Confidential – Please protect this information form public view
Fr. David Michael 843-537-7351 Fax Same Do not send e-mails
St Peter
602 Market St
Cheraw, SC 29520
Catholic Programs Offered: None , however, Fr. Michael is trying to get something started but he must have at least 3 Catholics inmates to express to the Chaplain their interest before Chaplain Cannon can schedule a program time and location for the group. Chaplain Cannon has agreed to circulate a flier to see if any of the 48 Catholics are interested.
Types Of Educational Tools: None as of yet
Sacraments Offered Fr. Michael Is Hoping to offer the Eucharist and Penance in the very near future.
Catholic Volunteer: John Warring 843-537-4613 has agreed to help Father David ,when and if, the approval from the Chaplain is determined.
Programs Offered: Father is hoping to re-establish the Catholic Study Program on Tuesday or Thursday and a Mass on Saturday.
Number Of Catholics Participating: None at this time
Ministry’s Budget: None
2 Kairos Weekends Are Held Per Year. #37 was held this Spring- 1332 men have made the weekend. ONE Monthly “REUNION” is held on a Saturday from 9:30 AM-1:00PM. Lunch is included for 300 men. Jon Skytta 704-258-3924 is the Kairos Volunteer Coordinator.