Department Of Juvenile Justice (L3)
3208 Broad River Road
Columbia, Sc 29210 803-896-9793
Margaret Barber 803-896-5940
Chaplains: *For the Boys:Steve Singleton 896-8684
John Lakin 896-8682
*Chaplain for the girls;
LaToya Reed 896-9291
Director Of Volunteer Service: LaToya REED 896-9291
Job Trainning/Apprentice Program: Sharon Brunson 803-896-4836
Population Of Prison 90 Male Teens And 9 female teens
Number Of Registered Catholics: Unknown
Catholic Clergyman Assigned: Sr. Christina Murphy
Mass: Mass could be once a week if Catholic teens requested it.
Sacraments Offered:
Catholic Programs Offered: Sr. Murphy, Fr. David Witman and Pam Rice facilitated a Christmas Dinner for 122 male teens and 45 staff members on December 22, 2011.
Number Of Catholics Participating: Our Lady of the Lake Parish lead by Don Tyler has been volunteering for four years as a “Craftsman Assistant” Five volunteers from Our Lady of the Hills Church have submitted written Volunteer Application Forms, but they are still waiting approval and clearance
Ministry’s Budget: None
Requested Items: Director of Volunteers requested men to volunteer for Intramural Team and Recreational Programs. Volunteers awaiting approval
No Kairos Weekends Rather Epiphany WeEKENDS: 3 For Boys and One for Girls